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Animalada, Seville Animation Festival

25 October - 27 October 2019

Contact: Animalada team


Phone: -

Fax: -

Address: Seville

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Animalada Sevilla’s main objective is to bring the world of animation from all areas to the public in general.Also intends to create a meeting point and discussion for fans and industry professionals, promoting the exchange of ideas, coworking between companies and producing and showing the potential of our community to the world.Finally, the project was created with the intent to arouse the interest of young creatives in the animation as a valid professional commitment to their future by providing training and bringing them closer to the higher schools worldwide.Animalada Sevilla is born to become a reference in our community as a meeting place between professional and novice artists who aspire to enter the sector, thereby promoting industry growth and the addition of new talent.

Theme(s): Animated Short Films

Year established: 2012

Is this festival exclusively animation?: Yes - this is exclusively an animation festival

Submission deadline:
15 September 2019

Entry fee:
FREE! There is no charge for this festival


  • Jury Award
  • Audience Award
  • Best National Animated Short Film
  • Best Andalusian Animated Short Film
  • Animated Short

Submission methods:

  • Click For Festivals
  • Festhome
  • Online Link (& Password)

a) Submissions: The competition is announced by the 1th of September 2016, the application submission ends on 31th of October 2016.

b) The data can be only submitted via web platform published on

c) There is no entry fee required.

d) Each participant may submit as many short films as they like. The duration of each work cannot exceed 15 minutes, meeting the conditions set out in these rules.

e) Genre and subject: 2D and 3D Animation, stop-motion y visual effects.

f) Production Year: Only shortfilms produced from January 2015.

Entry to the competition is open to free subject short films.

However, the Festival organization reserves the right not to admit work to the competition that directly or indirectly promote or support terrorist activities or movements; racism; xenophobia; gender violence; violates human rights or who, for whatever reason, can be disrespectful.

f) Languages: Works are accepted in original version. However, if a short film contains non-Spanish or English spoken dialogue, it must include English or Spanish subtitles.

g) Screening Formats: Format for the finalist short films to be screened : 1080p, Codec H264.

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