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Atlanta Film Festival

28 March 2014 - 6 April 2014

Contact: Charles Judson


Phone: 404.352.4225

Fax: 404.352.0173

Address: 662 One Park Place, P.O. Box 4000, Georgia State University
GA 30302-4000

Festival website

Atlanta Film Festival 365 (ATLFF365) is a membership-based 501(c)(3) arts non-profit with a mission to lead the community in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image. ATLFF365 presents a diverse slate of year-round offerings for film-lovers, filmmakers, and established & emerging industry professionals. Year round programs – screenings, events, discussions, workshops, panels, and educational activities, coupled with an interactive website, and engaged social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN & more) – provide a forum for building the community of film lovers and film supporters. By bringing audiences together, often enhanced by the presence of the filmmaker(s), ATLFF365 has the unique opportunity to broaden the perspective of both artists and audiences.

Submission deadline: 1 October 2011

Entry fee: FREE! There is no charge for this festival

Award categories:
  • Best Animated Short (Academy Award® nomination)
Format(s) accepted for submission:


Festival recognised by:
(what does this mean?)
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars)



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One Response to Atlanta Film Festival

  1. Now I didn’t visit this festival, sadly, but I did have a fair bit of contact with them. They organised a screening of my short animation ‘Sausage’ as part of a food evening, serving food from the films after, which is a very cool idea. Including much promotion for the night! They also offered to contribute to my travel costs over there if I also gave a talk on ‘Illustration in Animation’, as well as a Q&A, but I was too tied up to take them up on the offer. They’re basically a very involved, lovely and inspired festival that offer much more to us film makers than most. I wish I could have made it over, and urge all to submit, but also to start a dialogue soon as poss as they are very receptive and helpful to the whole concept of the ‘Festival Circuit’. Best of luck…


    Robert Grieves -
    April 1, 2014

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