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We understand that, although may help identify suitable festivals to submit to, nothing beats your own spreadsheet to monitor and track submissions (and successes!), which is why we have decided to give a helping hand.

Something to make it easier when submitting to festivals...

To save you from compiling your own list from scratch, for a small fee (£20) you can download our current list of festivals which contains: Festival name, submission deadline, whether there is an entry fee, if the festival is exclusively animation, start date, end date, website URL, email address, country.

So if you want to shave a good few hours off of creating a festival list, what are you waiting for!

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Note: The file that we supply is a CSV format, which can be opened directly in any version of Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet will replicate the information found on this website, and we can make no guarantee about the validity, relevance or accuracy regarding each festival listing.

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